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Romantic and dreamy place just for You!

Upon your arrival, we are offering you to visit Rusne Villa restaurant and enjoy currently served dishes along with fresh coffee and cold, refreshing drinks. There is a bicycle trail along the river (right next to us), where you can ride your bike or simply walk to the observation tower. From there you will see a breathtaking view of the bay (Kuršių Marės) and Nida. We will tell you a little secret… when going towards the observation tower- always look around and observe the nature as there are many many little and big animals running around…and they are not as skittish as one would think. Uostadvaris is only 4km away from Rusne Villa. From there, you can climb the Uostadvaris lighthouse and observe the area and nature around. During the summer months, there is a daily boat that takes you directly to NIDA!  After all, it’s so much fun going there! The return tickets are inexpensive and you will not only save time and money but you will also save the nature by taking the boat to the Curonian Lagoon. You can also sail into Nida by boat from the town of Šilutė. Choose the port that is closer to your heart. What about fishing? Rusne Villa is on the shore of Pakalne river and is flooded with various types of fish. So you can basically go fishing right from our yard. Isn’t it great, when you can enjoy the activities you love and still be close to your family?


Other services that we can offer you:

Private boat or  speed boat rent

Private boat or  speed boat rent for fishing

Bicycle rent

Kayak and paddle board rent

Bicycle excursion around Rusnė island and/ or Šilutė town

Kitesurfing lessons

Nobleman dish tasting


Bird watching

Educational fish smoking programmes in Rusnė Island


Daiva Stanislovaitienė- Owner of Rusne Villa

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